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Art is Chelsea's life and passion. She has studied art for the majority of her life and has been drawing since the age of 2. However, tattooing has become her devotion in her career. While dedicated to her craft, Chelsea Winter Burr studies many different styles of tattooing. She does styles from floral and black and grey to anime and color. Chelsea strives to do the best she can with each piece she creates - no matter the style. If unfamiliar with a style or subject, she will research and educate herself whether it be by the client, her mentors, or researching it herself. Chelsea is not "specialized" in one particular style because she believes that as an artist she should be able to help anyone that comes to her. 

• Black and Grey • Floral • Linework • Color • Portraits

• Anime and Video Games • Watercolor • Geometric • Cover Ups

• Cartoons • Traditional • Neotraditional • Lettering • Fine Line & More!

Chelsea is always up for a challenge and loves to learn new things! Do you have a fun idea or project in mind? Please feel free to contact her at

Chelsea Winter Burr

check out Chelsea's Instagram

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